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New Year. Improved Me.

January 2, 2017

After listening to a podcast from Kass McGann about her business Reconstructing History ( and her philosophies on clothes – I have decided to start doing some small and simple changes in my life and my home. Some of this started last year after some encouragement from another friend who I do Virtual Booking for. Strange? Virtual Assistants do exist and have for some time now but most operate at a high end and can do all the administration for a business. I do the phone bookings for a lady who runs a therapeutic massage business and who admitted to me she hates answering the phone and quite often misses out on appointments because she is busy with patients. And there started my new ‘job’. Over the next couple of months, I will be sorting through my ideas and setting up a proper business page and be working out fees, my target clients, what my skills are and what is reasonable for me to be offering.

This is the blurb from my Facebook page about my general ideas and making some money from what I am going to cull from my wardrobe.

Okay, local Brisbane bods – will be going through my wardrobe and doing a cull. There is a lot that is still in good condition and had thought of selling stuff off. Is it better to do this through a buy and sell group here on FB or go to one of the suitcase rummage sales? Most of it will be skirts but there is some really good silk stuff from England which is still in great condition.

Encouraged by Kass McGann from Reconstructing History – and I will be slowly re-doing my wardrobe over the next 12 to 18 months and really be looking at what I wear, what suits me and my lifestyle and going through my pile of patterns and my stash of fabric so that my spending is minimal.

One of the ‘new year improved me’ ideas was to start a blog based on my plans for a new business, new ideas of wardrobe, some slow destashing of my house and sorting out where stuff is stored. Some of this came about after I was listening to a podcast where Kass McGann was interviewed about Reconstructing History and her philosophies on clothing. The other part of that was a tweet from SBS mentioning a seamstress in Melbourne who has been part of the rag trade there for over 60 years. So two people with very similar philosophies and a recent need to wear more suitable clothing in this hot weather and having very little money to spend. Hence the patterns and the stash.

The blog will be fairly eclectic mentioning my changing philosophy on food and cooking, favourite books, my hobbies, music, film, reviews of cafes and places I go, Brisbane, having cancer and arthritis, living with chronic pain and other any topic that people suggest. It will also cover the ideas for my new business venture and how it is progressing. Here is to new adventures for 2017.






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